3 things you need to do in Buenos Aires

Photo 3 things you need to do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina. This cosmopolitan city is located in the western shore of South America. It is a large city with a mixture of Spanish and European architecture. It is famous for its tourist attractions and its culture due to the ethnic diversity of the country. The best time to visit Buenos Aires between is from October to November when the jacaranda flowers blossom abundantly, which is eye-catching.

3 best things you can do in Buenos Aires

1. Go sightseeing and enjoy nature

Start your adventure at the Botanic Garden. The Botanic Garden is located in Plaza Italia, Santa Fe. Every year, thousands of tourists visit and admire the awe-inspiring sculptures in the Botanic Garden. Moreover, this scenic garden is endowed with thousands of plant species, which is fascinating. After this garden, head to the Ecological Reserve in Tristan Achaval Rodriguez Avenue. This is another place to explore the animal and plant diversity in Argentina. Taking a walk in the Jardin Japones in Buenos Aires is also amazing.

2. Take a tour of the city and see the popular landmarks

Puente de la Mujer is a popular bridge, and its similarity to the appearance of a dancing woman is so captivating. Tango is a popular dance in Argentina. The next destination is Caminito, which is located in Avenida Pedro de Mendoza. It is a popular place to shop for arts and to know everything about tango. You will be mesmerized by the brightly colored houses in Caminito. Then, explore the San Telmo neighborhood to see the unique architecture. In fact, San Telmo features a few historical and cultural landmarks, as well as crafts and vintage shops in the Plaza Dorrego.

3. Explore new places

Recoleta is a residential and a commercial area. In addition, it is home to the awe-inspiring Recoleta Cemetary, which is a popular landmark in Buenos Aires. The mausoleum has large halls and amazing architecture. Argentinian most popular historical figures are buried at Recoleta Cemetary. In addition, Recoleta hosts exciting cultural events and craft sales. It is so fascinating to visit this area. Cultural events take place at the Centro Cultural Recoleta.

Organize your trip to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is rich in architecture and cultural heritage. In addition, it is also a good travel destination to enjoy Nature. The aforementioned sites are just among the few ones where you can discover its animal and plant diversity. For those who are interested in cultural and historical tourism, visiting the Recoleta Cemetary is really a fascinating experience for you. To organize a trip to Buenos Aires, you can book your flight online through the eDreams website.

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