Plaza de Mayo : the place to be in Buenos Aires

Photo Plaza de Mayo : the place to be in Buenos Aires

Considered as the most important in Argentina, Plaza de Mayo is the oldest public square of Buenos Aires, in Argentina. The name is from the May revolution of Argentina when Buenos Aires declared its independence from Spain.

It has a very important place in Buenos Aires and Argentina's history. Plaza de Mayo serves as the place of political demonstrations, national events and public gathering. Many locals and foreigners come to this city square to have a funny time and enjoy the beauty of the area which never gets degraded.

What can you find in Plaza de Mayo?

Apart from the green garden, Plaza de Mayo is surrounded by other interesting buildings which are all popular in Buenos Aires. 

  • Casa Rosada: Pink 19th-Century of the government house, situated at the east side. It is considered as one of the most emblematic buildings in Argentina. 
  • Secretariat of Intelligence: A ten-floors building with dark tinted windows. It is the premier Intelligence Agency of Argentina Republic. 
  • Pirámide de Mayo: In Buenos Aires, it was the oldest National monument. It was built at the center of Plaza de Mayo at the time of the first birthday of the May Revolution. 
  • Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral: The biggest Catholic Church in Buenos Aires with amazing architecture. 
  • Banco de la Nación building: A monumental bank building of Argentina 
  • Buenos Aires Cabildo: It serves as a museum which keeps paintings, artifacts, jewelries and clothes of the 18th century. 
  • Buenos Aires City Hall: The office of Argentine capital government 
  • Ministry of the Treasury of the Argentine Nation: Economy Building of Argentina 
  • Important avenues of Avenida de Mayo, Avenida Roque Sáenz Peña, Avenida Presidente Julio Argentino Roca

What can you do in Plaza de Mayo?

There are several things to do in Plaza de Mayo for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the heart of Buenos Aires. 

  • Taking a walk: One of the most important things to do is going around the city to discover the amazing buildings that surround Plaza de Mayo. They are all interesting and deserve a visit thanks to their fascinating history and incredible architectures. 
  • Resting and enjoying the beautiful garden: Many people come to Plaza de Mayo for recreation and resting in the calm garden. Having food, reading, and sitting are all possible when you visit the city. 
  • Taking pictures: It is a good place for photographs for those who are fans of photo shooting because of the beautiful view that the place has. It is more attractive if you focus on the details. 
  • Visiting the museum: A good way to understand more the old days of Buenos Aires and Argentina is visiting Buenos Aires Cabildo. 
  • Attending celebrations for free: A variety of celebrations are usually shown in Plaza de Mayo, included live music.

Traveling to Buenos Aires

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